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ACA - Australian Coastal Atlas

The Australian Coastal Atlas (ACA) was initially a component of the Commonwealth Coastal Policy (May 1995) and is now a major component of the Coasts and Clean Seas Initiative (July 1997). It is an electronic atlas linking data about the coastal and marine environment available through the World Wide Web. The Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) coordinates the development of the Australian Coastal Atlas.

ASDD - Australian Spatial Data Directory

ASDI - Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure is a national initiative to provide better access for all Australians to essential geographic information (spatial data). The primary objective of the ASDI is to ensure that users of spatial data will be able to acquire consistent data sets to meet their requirements, even though the data is collected and maintained by different authorities. The national infrastructure helps ensure all such authorities concern themselves with the national interest, thereby maximising governments' return on investment in data collection and maintenance.

Base data

The basis on which natural resources data can be overlaid, such as a definite portion of the earth's surface represented by a topographic map.

Business Information System Scoping Studies

Studies undertaken to investigate, analyse and make recommendations on the feasibility of implementing proposed information management projects.


Launched in December 1997, connect.nsw is the NSW Government's strategy to use the internet and related technologies to improve information dissemination and service delivery to the New South Wales public.

Core data

The most essential or most vital part of data.


The agency accountable for negotiating and ensuring the care and maintenance of a clearly defined portion of natural resources information within the public sector.


Electronic commerce. Conducting commercial transactions electronically, particularly over the Internet, is referred to as e-commerce.

GDA - Geocentric Datum of Australia

The GDA is a standard that defines the surveying and mapping coordinate system adopted in Australia.

Goal Area

An "important group" term in which a variety of related activities can be placed together to achieve one or more strategies and outcomes.

HITS - Hunter Integrated Telemetry System

ICMISS - Integrated Community Mapping and Information Support System

The Integrated Community Mapping and Information Support System. This is a protocol used for retrieving views, via the Internet, of graphical data from many sources. For example, using this protocol a user can retrieve geographic data from DLWC, EPA and the NPWS and simultaneously overlay this information on a base topographic map.

IM&T Blueprint

Published in February 1997, the Blueprint is the strategy for the NSW Government to maximise the potential of its information technology resources.


An entry in a data dictionary describing data sets.

Natural Resources

Land, water, vegetation, air, soil and related resources.

NRA - Natural Resources Atlas

NRDD - NSW Natural Resources Data Directory

The NSW Natural Resources Data Directory is a catalogue of a wide range of natural resource information for New South Wales. The information described (called data sets) covers flora, fauna, land, water and air, and is primarily held by government agencies.

NRIMS - Natural Resources Information Management Strategy

SPADE - Soil Profil Attribute Data Environment


Includes Local, State and Commonwealth governments and government agencies, including multi-agency organisations