Welcome to the New South Wales Node of the Australian Coastal Atlas!

 The Australian Coastal Atlas is a national network of marine and coastal agencies all working together to provide information to the public over the WWW. The New South Wales Node of the Australian Coastal Atlas uses software developed for the ICMISS framework.  ICMISS was developed by the NSW Natural Resources Information Management Strategy  (NRIMS) Steering Group to view spatial data.

To use the NSW Coastal Atlas software you will need either Netscape or IE version 4.4 or higher. The button below will launch the New South Wales Coastal Atlas application (right).  Please ensure you browser preferences are set to enable JavaScript. If the Atlas does not appear  in a new window, you may also launch the NSW Coastal Atlas in this browser window. 

Using the Atlas

Zoom in and out to your area of interest by:
  • selecting the Pan/Zoom button.
  • define the pan/zoom amount from the scroll bar.
  • click on the main image or thumbnail image to zoom in/out.

To Pan:

  • Select the Pan/Zoom button.
  • Set the pan/zoom list to pan.
  • Click on the main image or the thumbnail image. The location on which you click will become the new map centre.
  • The map will automatically redraw.
  •   This button is used to provide information on the current layers being displayed on the map.

  • Press the "reset map" button to reset the map extent to the original scale of NSW.
    •   This button provides information on the current layers being displayed on the map.
  • Query Features for "Info" in active layers on your map. Clicking on an active feature displays its attributes in another window.

  • Selecting this button will allow you to navigate through the other States maps.
  • Selecting this button will open a  new window which will allow for the selection of data layers.


  • Once the legend has been edited, the changes are submitted using the "Generate Map" button.
  •   The organisations participated in Australian Coastal Atlas. 
  • Allows you to search the ASDD for other data such as reports for the region you are viewing in the Australian Atlas.
  • NOTE! You can also draw a box on the thumbnail map to zoom around NSW while keeping your selected layers. 


    Help for using the Australian Atlas Press this button for help and more detailed information. Help for using the Australian Atlas

      State nodes

    The Australian Coastal Atlas is a network of Agencies around Australia called "State Nodes". When all the Nodes are installed with the Australian Atlas software, data from each State may be viewed through the WWW. More data is continually being added! If you would like to have your data displayed, please contact your State Node.


    The Australian Atlas software is currently under development and is continually being updated with new features. Information displayed by the Atlas, or extracted from any associated databases is for demonstration purposes only. As such, no assessment should be made on the information currently provided.

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the development of this product, please contact

    Wim Brinkhof
    Coordinator NSW Coastal Atlas
    NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation

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    1May 2000