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Information to support sustainable manangement of NSW natural resources


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New South Wales (NSW) is the most populous of the six states of Australia. NSW has a population of 6.4 million. The total population of Australia is 19.1 million. The land area of NSW is 800,640 square kilometres, comprising 10.4% of the land area of Australia.

At a Forum on Natural Resources Information Management on 26 February 1996, the heads of the major NSW Government natural resource and environmental agencies agreed that NSW needed a whole-of-government approach to the management of natural resources information.

The Forum decided to produce a formal Information Management Strategy, which would include the issues, direction and timetable for the whole-of-government management of natural resources information. A Steering Group representing thirteen NSW government agencies was formed to develop and implement the strategy.


Strategic Planning and Coordination

To provide a whole-of-government approach to natural resources information management.

Quality and Standards

To ensure that standards are available for improving data quality and integrity.

Data Management

To ensure the establishment, maintenance and useability of natural resources data sets.

Data Access

To maximise accessibility of natural resources data to meet users needs.

Products and Services

To create natural resources information products and services to meet users needs.

Communication Education and Promotion

To interact with the community to better meet their needs in relation to sharing and using natural resources data, products and services.